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List of Processors - Click each Processor Name for Directions
Baker's Deer Processing 10 mins Located very close to the club, Baker's is a good, basic processing location.  Simple cuts only, no specialties.  Leave your deer at the loading dock with the appropriate tag if Mr. Baker is not around when you visit.
Hobbs 25 mins George Hobbs has been in the business for quite awhile.  Simple cuts only.  Friendly people, and familiar with our club.
Mungo's Smoked Meats 20 mins A little bit out of the way from our club, but they are friendly and do a good job.  They will do some custom products, which are very good.  Highly recommend their venison hot dogs.
Hickory Hills Smoked Products 45 mins My personal favorite, Hickory Hills does an excellent job with their custom products.  They have excellent snack sticks and smoked sausage products, and package all meats in vaccuum packs.  A little more expensive, but well worth the cost.  Click here for their website.
Nichol's Store 45 mins While I don't recommend their smoked products, their basic cuts are nicely done and well packaged.  Visit their website here.
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