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Landowner Rules
Size of Bucks Lessor requires that all bucks harvested on this property shall have a minimum inside spread between the main beams of the antlers of 13.0 inches.  The inside spread of the main beams is measured on the inside of the antlers at a right angle to the center of the skull at the widest point between the main beams.  In addition, no buck younger than 3.5 years old may be killed.
Harvest and Observation Data Lessor requires that harvest and observation data shall be collected on the Property.  Harvest data includes live weight, collection and proper labeling of the jawbone, accurate antler measurements, and checking all female deer for lactation.
Deer Weights Lesee will weigh all deer harvested on an accurate scale.  All deer harvested on the Property shall be weighed on the same set of scales before field dressing.  Weights shall be recorded in one pound increments.
Jawbones A jawbone shall be collected and indelibly marked to correspond to the other data being recorded on the harvest data sheet for each deer harvested.  A properly labeled jawbone is critical to correct record keeping.  This requirement shall be strictly enforced.
Antler Measurements Antler measurements shall be recorded for each antlered buck harvested.  Antler measurements shall include the number of points, main beam length, inside spread and basal circumference.  All measurements shall be recorded in 1/8-inch increments.  All does should be checked for the presence of milk (lactation) and this information recorded on the data sheet.
Animal Observations Lessee shall record observation data for each hunt.  The number and sex of all deer observed on each hunt shall be recorded.
Data Sheets Lessor will provide harvest data sheets and observation cards prior to the hunting season and shall check on the fulfillment of these requirements periodically as Lessor feels necessary for accurate compliance.
Gates Lessor requires that gates remain locked at all times.  Do not leave the gates open when you enter the property for any extended period of time. 
Club Rules (2014)
  • Members may bring one guest to the property per hunt.   Under special pre-arranged circumstances, it is permissible to bring two guests for a single day hunt. You must arrange this with the president or officers prior to the day of the hunt. If the guest has a young child who would like to participate, the guest may bring that child.   
  • Guests may not shoot bucks under any circumstances.  Any guest who intentionally shoots a buck deer will not be allowed back to the club.  The club member who brought the guest will lose 2 of his bucks for the year.   
  • Guests may visit the club from September 15th through September 30th, then again from November 15th until the end of the year.  We do not bring guests during the rut.
  • Please do not abuse the guest policy.  An example of abusing the policy would be bringing the same guest every single time you hunt. 
  • Bowhunters may bring guests throughout the season.  Those guests must also bowhunt and are restricted to does only. 
Family Club members may bring wives and children at any time.  Immediate family members are not counted as guests.  Any buck harvested by an immediate family member is counted against the member's total allotment of bucks for the year.  When a child reaches 18 years of age, he is considered an adult and becomes a guest of the member, and may not shoot bucks.  At this point the child needs his own membership to shoot male deer.  Adult children of existing members have precedence for open spots in the club.  Family members outside of wives and children are not allowed to shoot bucks.
  • Each hunter may take up to three bucks per year.
  • We strongly encourage a 15" minumum inside spread, even though the landowners require only 13". 
  • A child may take an inferior animal as his first buck.  However, please try to avoid letting them shoot 2-year old eight pointers.  A six point would be a better choice.  Once he has taken his first buck, he may not take any more inferior bucks at any point, including from year-to-year.
Does Does may be taken during the month of September, but should not be killed during October or the first part of November.  They would be considered legal again on November 15th.  The purpose of this is to limit the pressure on the deer and reduce the amount of shooting that goes on.  Since does are off-limits during this time, guests would not be welcome during that period.

Does may be taken with a bow or crossbow at any time during the season.  Children under 16 may take does with a rifle during this off-limits period.
Culls Hunters should not make wholesale decisions to "cull" an inferior animal.  Culling deer does not work unless the property is intensely managed, which ours is not.  The decision to cull an animal should be made with the utmost caution.  Culled bucks do count against your buck limit for the year.  Spike bucks are not culls.
  • Do not leave trash in the stands.  This includes empty drink bottles, thermacell cartridges, and the like.  Smokers should not leave their butts in the stand, and the floors of the stands are not ashtrays.  Take out what you bring in.
  • All permanent stands are first-come, first-served.  You are free to put a climber anywhere you want.  If you want to make it public, we'll put it on the map.  Personal stands not on the map should not be hunted without permission of the owner.
  • If you want to hunt the same stand for an entire day, you may remain tagged in for it even if you leave the club for lunch.  If you do leave, please turn your tag around backwards so that your name is not visible.  This indicates that you are not in the stand at that time.
  • Do not tag in early for a stand.
  • Private stands are allowed, but you cannot claim a section of the property as yours.  If someone puts a stand up near yours, it is up to the two of you to resolve the use of the location.  Club leadership will not participate in these discussions.
Tagging In
  • Hunters must tag in for the stand they intend to hunt.  If you decide to move to a different stand, go back and change your tag.  This is one of the most important rules we have.  This is for the safety of yourself and everyone else who is hunting that day.
  • We will have a special tag board for turkey hunters next season.  You don't need to tag the spot that you're hunting, but please put a tag on the board so that others know that you are present.
  • The second-to-last person should wait for the last person to come out after the evening hunt.  This is for safety reasons.  Please exit the property as quickly as possible when it's time to leave the woods.
Dues Dues need to be paid in full by April 15th of each year.  After the 15th, the club will begin looking for replacement members with no further warnings.  You are responsible for paying your dues, and we will not chase you down looking for them.  Members will be replaced in reverse-join order.  Payment plans are acceptable, but should begin early enough that you will have paid in full by April 15th.
Officers The club is structured with a president, vice-president, and two officers.  Officers are appointed by the president.  Officers can address questions from members, and their decisions stand.

President: Sean Jeffries
Vice-President:  Trey Robinson
Officer:  Steven Davitte
Officer:  Scott Whitley

The club president is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club, and will attend the yearly meeting with American Forest Management.  An officer or alternate member will also attend.
SC Game Laws Members are absolutely required to obey all South Carolina hunting and firearm laws.  Violations of any of these laws will result in ejection from the club.
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